We repurpose and handle all distribution for you to focus on content, while you leave the rest to us.

We bootstrap our team to your operation to increase output of short form and repurpose your content

Client Results

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Sam Parr | @thesamparr

Sam Parr is a serial entrepreneur and host of 'My First Million', one of the biggest business podcasts in the world. Recently, he founded 'The Hustle' and sold it for tens of millions.

  • From 1313 to 10K followers on TikTok in 14 days, fully organically!

  • From 12.2K to 27.2K followers on Instagram in 21 days, fully organically!

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We let our clients speak for us

What We Do

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1. Strategy Phase

Together, we will chose a path based on your goals and pre-existing content that you have.

  • DFY Content (Done for You) | Repurposing your long-form video content & text-based content into vertical short-form videos.

  • DWY Content (Done with You) | We will create the content for you, help you with recording, and continuously educate you to improve your videos. You just need to hit record!

  • Mixed Path | Mix DFY Content with DWY Content. No need to choose just one!

Then our team will audit your content and produce a unique 'Growth formula' tailored to the objectives which we discuss during our call.

2. Content Creation

At this stage, we will start producing content depending on your chosen path.We call our method 'Scroll stopping' video editing. You can't just add some subtitles and call it a day. This style of editing requires an understanding of human physiology.Our editors understand how to make your content stop users from scrolling, keep them engaged, maximize user retention and convert them into true fans.We will turn your videos into eye-catching works of art :)

Shortzy Prove thumbnails
Shortzy Prove thumbnails

3. Content Managing

We will take care of everything.We will establish your omnichannel presence on every short-form platform to maximize the reach across all of them.We will post the content, write the captions, set-up a custom hashtag strategy, interact with your audience, and analyze current trends.Just enjoy the ride :)

We are Shortzy

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Diego Vetencourt 💻

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A Marketer dedicated to delivering on client's results. 10+ years of experience working in multiple verticals, your point of contact at Shortzy to align on your goals.He'll be able to take your ideas into actionable items to achieve what you're exactly looking for, and solve any problems you may face.

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Danya Baratli 📸

Co-Founder / Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A Short-From content specialist who’s constantly devoted to identifying the most cutting-edge and successful strategies to blow you up on TikTok, Instagram Reels & YouTube Shorts.His videos accumulated over 50,000,000+ million views bringing the clients hundreds of thousands of followers.



By the end of this Audit call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take to expand your brand to vertical short-form platforms.Find a time on Diego's calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking to you soon!


  • Online experts that already have a presence on other social media platforms but don't want to miss out on this short-form boom!

  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in taking their personal brand to the next level.

  • Online experts who have a vital message to share with the world but lack the time to plan, produce, and manage their content.

  • Entrepreneurs looking to create an organic source of traffic.

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